Hawks on the move?

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Hawks on the move?

Postby silverowl » Sat Feb 11, 2017 10:02 pm

Hi all,

I don't know much about hawks...but I have seen several Red tailed and lots...well, okay, about a dozen Rough- legged Hawks in the Petoskey area the last two weeks. Are they (all the hawks) on the move or is this about normal? I know that times when I have traveled south, (spring break time) I have counted many (over 200) along the expressways once we hit Illinois or Indiana. I assume those guys are on the move north, but isn't this a bit early?
(Still not seeing the Snowy's in the Petoskey area much)
Donna R.
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Re: Hawks on the move?

Postby SandyLee » Mon Feb 13, 2017 11:09 pm

With the weather so crappy for the last month, haven't been out looking much... need to get out more. Haven't even seen a Rough Legged yet... nor been out looking for some Snowies... Hubster saw one Snowy Owl last weekend when he was over near Chum's Corner last weekend. I saw about 5 crows pestering and chasing a RT today while on my way to the grocery store. I'm sucking at birding lately.
- Sandy
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