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Chippewa County/ Snowy Owls

Postby Rick Baetsen » Fri Jan 19, 2018 8:14 pm

Bonnie and I made a trip up to the Chippewa County and the Soo today. It was more of a trip to get up to the Algonquin Cross Country Ski trails out west of the Soo before the thaw made skiing tough. A drive through the Rudyard Snowy Owl Loop yielded 3 birds. One Snowy Owl was found on each Centerline, Hantz and H-48 South. All were speckled birds, the one on Centerline very heavily.
A drive up Mackinac Trail, 6 Mile Rd and Baker Side Rd up to 3 Mile Rd and the west end of the Soo yielded nothing other than a few Common Ravens but it was getting on towards mid-morning by that time.
The x-country ski trails at Algonquin had been very recently groomed and in great shape, even with very little of the normal snow pack on the ground after the big thaw last week.
Very little bird activity on the first two loops of the trails, but we always enjoy spending time observing the tracks and signs of mammals and birds in the snow. Today we noted Porcupine, Red Squirrel, White-tailed Deer, Red Fox, Mice and Voles for animals and lots of Snowshoe Hare. The bird sign we saw was that of Ruffed Grouse and one large raptor that left a nice set of wing marks where it landed in the snow next to the ski trail and woodpecker bark fleckings on some pines.
There was little open water at the Sugar Island ferry and Edison Soo Powerhouse, and few ducks were observed at both sites.
There was open water to the East of the Bridge, but no ducks were present on either trip back and forth today.
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