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Our New FB Group to Reunite - MI Birding and Nature Network

PostPosted: Thu Feb 08, 2018 6:19 pm
by SandyLee
Hi All!
Today, I (finally) created a Facebook Group to reunite and reconnect with our friends from NMB (Northern Michigan Birding) and MBN (Michigan Birding Network... our current Forum name). Our Forum here will continue at least thru mid-Summer.

The Facebook Group Name is: MI Birding and Nature Network.
Look me up on FB (Sandy Witvoet) and message me. As it is a private group, I can only add folks that are on my Friends list. .... no worries tho, I am not "on the hunt" to simply increase my Friend List... LOL. That means you can unfriend me after being added to the group.

We have always been a somewhat "eclectic" collection of wonderful folks and that will continue on Facebook, as the FB Group is "Private" (aka, "Secret" by FB definition).

I belong to several large FB Groups, but have been missing our more personal communications from our independent forums. (like this one and our former NMB).

I have arbitrarily added about 20 of our members here to the FB Group, as you were on my friends list. We would love to reconnect with so many more of you.

Facebook allows us to easily connect, post pictures, share, edit, and create albums.

I will be sending out a group email soon.

Feel free to post comments and questions, as I've probably forgotten to address some.