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Brant-Alger County

Postby Rick Baetsen » Tue May 22, 2018 5:16 pm

Sometimes one gets lucky to be in an area where a rare bird has been recently reported. Two summers ago we were in Munising when the Caracara was reported along Munising Bay and we got to see it within an hour of the listserv report. We had a trip planned to Lake Superior State Forest Campground this week and had read online that two Brant were reported in Grand Marais Harbor. Even along the cooler shores of Lake Superior the blackflies were bad. So much for thinking we would squeeze in one more tent camping trip before the bugs got bad. So, we took a trip into Grand Marais and quickly found the Brant. Photo attached was taken on the phone camera off the back of my camera. Mid-afternoon light was a bit harsh but the Brant allowed for some good images.

Out at Sable Falls, we found the Large Flowered Trillium just opening and we located a number of the special flowers with extra petals and leaves, known to this area. A bit further west in the hardwood forests just south of the Grand Sable Dunes, along H58 we found the forest floor covered with countless Spring Beauty in full blossom. So, many that the air was sweet with the fragrance coming off the forest floor.

With the bugs as bad as they were, we came home a day early.

Rick Baetsen
Rick Baetsen
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Rick Baetsen
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Re: Brant-Alger County

Postby Bill Grigg » Wed May 23, 2018 9:01 pm

Yes, Rick, I love it when the 'birding gods' smile on us, allowing us a special view of a neat bird. And, I agree, it happens too non-often. But if one pays the dues...
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