Annual Christmas Bird Counts (CBCs) are here!

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Annual Christmas Bird Counts (CBCs) are here!

Postby Russ Emmons » Fri Dec 12, 2014 3:10 am

December 14 thru Jan.5 every year CBCs are held around the world. Michigan has quite a few across the state in this time period.
Michigan count dates, locations, compilers can be found at (Click on "research) or Participants, and/or feeder counters are always needed by most of the count circles. Info on these counts is on the Audubon websites I listed here.
Dec.14 the first official count day has many MI counts scheduled--earlier the better in hopes of still having open water for Ducks etc.
We are fortunate to live within the Anchor Bay CBC which is Dec.14th. Besides doing an area in the count, our feeder birds are counted and useful. Anchor Bay CBC is often the #1 count in the state or always in the top 3 !
Any one who knows of a count & this years date is welcome & encouraged to post it here. I know of a few I will post here:------
Anchor Bay CBC Dec.14 Mike Florian compiler
Port Huron CBC Dec. 21 Janet Fox compiler
Grayling CBC Dec.21 Alison Vilag/Calvin Brennan compilers---new count, only 2nd year!
Antrim/Old Mission CBC Dec. 14 John & Joanne Kreag compilers
Houghton/Higgins Lake CBC Dec.20, Mike Petrucha compiler
Kalkaska/Mancelona CBC Dec.20 Russ Emmons compiler ( ) This year we are integrating the count with the Grass River Nature Center Area (& people) which is within the K/M CBC circle. ( ) Looks like we will have the use of the Nature Center building & facilitys for get-together and meeting after the count !

Russ Emmons
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Re: Annual Christmas Bird Counts (CBCs) are here!

Postby Brian Zwiebel » Fri Dec 12, 2014 11:32 pm

Hi All,

It is time for the 2nd annual Neebish Island/Dunbar Forest count. This count is centered about 1/3 miles east of S. Riverside along 15 mile. The count is scheduled for December 27th with the 28th being a weather make up day.

I have made arrangements with Clyde's (address below) to open early for us for breakfast. They will be expecting us at 6:30am for pre count breakfast, planning and strategizing. I will have maps of the circle available for everyone and will assign sections in an attempt to best cover the circle. I am sure at least one or two cars will go out owling prior to breakfast, weather dependent of course. There are no plans to meet for lunch at this time. Some will choose to pack a sandwich or snacks or you may want to grab a bite somewhere. Dinner and the count down to compile the lists will be at Cozy Corners.

Clyde's is located right across the street from Chippewa County International Airport:
5224 W M 80
Kincheloe, MI 49788

Cozy Corners Tavern & Grill, East 15 Mile Road, Barbeau, MI - is at the east end of the road where it dead ends at the St. Mary's River.
Menu can be found on their web site:

Drop me a note with CBC in the subject line if you are interested in joining this count. We only had 36 species last year and finches were all but non existent. We hope to top 40 this year. Diversity is low but quality is really high on this count!

Thanks and Good Birding!
Brian Zwiebel

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