Be Careful What You Wish For!!!

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Be Careful What You Wish For!!!

Postby tozjohn » Mon Jan 18, 2016 4:15 pm

Just a week ago I was lamenting about the lack of my Redpolls. Not anymore, for as I sit sipping my cup of tea I gaze out at a flock of about a hundred of the little b???ers tearing my nyjer bags to shreds. Already have opened my second bag of seed, this time a 50 lb one. I hopes this will last me until we leave for Texas in March. The bonus is the 2 (at least) Hoaries with the flock. Also included few Siskins, no many though. Add to that a fairly large group on Goldfinches along with all our regulars and our backyard is now somewhat busy.
As for the 3 rarer bird that were with us just last week, only the Red-bellied WP remains. The Grackle and Thrush have disappeared, hopefully to more southern areas. They both were missing the day after we had an extremely cold night (minus 30C or about minus 20F). We're hoping that this frigid night did them no harm, but honestly we feel that there is a good chance the didn't survive. :-(
All in all it has been a fair winter for birding but we are impatiently waiting for the day we leave for the south. Our plans are for a full month at High Island Texas (April) to catch the migrants as they cross the Gulf after a month in the RGV.
We wish all the best of birding, safe travels, good health and the Lord's Blessings in the upcoming months.

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