Sumpin NEW!! How would you edit

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Re: Sumpin NEW!! How would you edit

Postby SandyLee » Sat Jun 29, 2013 4:12 pm

Thanks, Res! (was wondering where our "Mentor" had gone!)

I think Sioux and I were on a similar "vein" .... I like a bit of environment...(my edit), but I really like close-ups too! I usually straighten the horizon, even if the bird is on a "hill"... as long as it doesn't put the bird in an awkward position and there aren't other "hills" to visually straighten the scene.

Hope some others chime in here!

Maybe next month we can start a "Practice your editing" subforum here? Might be fun! I do realize that lots of us don't have much time in the summer... so we can start it and after folks get used to it, I see it as a good activity for those COLDER (did I just SAY THAT?) months!

Let me know what you think....... In the meantime, would be GREAT if more members could give it a try! As Res said.... there's no right or wrong.... This is a great way to learn and see what others see! :D
- Sandy
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