Pentax Camera bodies

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Pentax Camera bodies

Postby Kim LeBlanc » Tue Jan 14, 2014 1:49 pm

Not sure if anyone shoots pentax but I thought I would post. I have a Pentax K-7 (14mp) & a Pentax K-5 (16mp) that I'm looking to sell as a package. The K-7 would be a good backup or if you have several len's two cameras ready to shoot.
I bought the Pentax K5II-s last spring & now I also have the Pentax K-3! All I need is two bodies. I have received a quote from B&H of $550.00. I am looking for a little more than that for both bodies. I'm not looking to make a big profit but you know that if B & H offered $550.00 I can do a little better than that, I know they need to make a decent profit on the resale. Make a reasonble offer & we can talk. Both cameras are in excellent shape. I can send copy of quote if you don't belive me.


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