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Forward from Skye Haas

It has been a robust passerine migration, and somewhat on the early side this August, with 25 species of warblers recorded as of this date, including boreal species like Tennessee, Cape May, Bay-breasted, Blackpoll, Connecticut and Wilson's. Flycatcher species and numbers are quickly declining and the first vanguard of migrant sparrows have been noted. Shorebirds were a slower to start with their migration, with many adults over-flying the UP. However in the last week, good numbers of juvenile birds have been recorded, with excellent counts of Baird's Sandpipers. There have been also more then normal reports of both Buff-breasted and Stilt Sandpipers. The first dabbling ducks have been reported from several locations, and Whitefish Point has seen an notable early influx of sea ducks.

Surf Scoter
Red Knot
Buff-breasted Sandpiper
Red-necked Phalarope
Parasitic Jaeger
Nothern Saw-whet Owl
Black-backed Woodpecker
LeConte's Sparrow
Yellow-headed Blackbird

Keweenaw County
Zach Gayk found an adult LARK SPARROW* in the village of Central, in the church yard, on August 16th. Caleb Putnam has had the rare treat of shore-birding with low water levels at Lake Bailey, on the 21st he had a single STILT SANDPIPER, and on the 26th, a good count of 10 STILT SANDPIPERS. This represents the second and third county records for this species.

Houghton County
Joe Youngman reported a BUFF-BREASTED SANDPIPER at the Chassell Waterfront Park on August 20th. Zach Gayk had 2 BUFF-BREASTED SANDPIPERS at this location on the 22nd. Joe had a GREAT EGRET at Arnheim Wildlife Management Area on the 7th.

Baraga County
Joe Youngman had a BUFF-BREASTED SANDPIPER at Ojibwa Beach on August 17th and 20th. Joe also had a healthy total of 15 STILT SANDPIPERS at the Baraga Sewage Ponds on the 17th, and 3 BLACK TERNS at the head of the Keweenaw Bay on the 15th.

Iron County
Dave Tiller found a STILT SANDPIPER in a cow-pond off of Brule Road, just north of the MI/WI border on August 20th. This is likely the first county record of this species.

Marquette County
A WHIMBREL and female GOLDEN-WINGED WARBLER were at Presque Isle Park in Marquette on August 19th. David Pavlik found an early migrant LECONTE'S SPARROW at the base of the Marquette lower harbor breakwall on the 24th. David also had 5 BLACK TERNS off Presque Isle while conducting a waterbird count on the 19th. Also on the 19th, Greg Cleary found a BUFF-BREASTED SANDPIPER on the lower harbor breakwall in Marquette. Greg found another BUFF-BREASTED SANDPIPER on the lower breakwall on the 25-26th. David Pavlik reported 2 BUFF-BREASTED SANDPIPERS at the NMU Athletic Fields on the 22nd. A juvenile YELLOW-HEADED BLACKBIRD was on the lower harbor breakwall on the 15th.

Delta County
A WESTERN KINGBIRD was photographed at Peninsula Point on August 22nd. Also on the 22nd, highlights of a shorebird survey at Indian Point included 1 RED KNOT, 4 AMERICAN GOLDEN PLOVERS, and impressive counts of 148 BLACK-BELLIED PLOVER, and 93 BAIRD'S SANDPIPERS.

Alger County
Scott Hickman found a WESTERN KINGBIRD east of Chatham at the intersection of Slapneck and Samuelson roads on August 19th. The bird was refound again on the 20th. Also on the 19th, Mark & Joanie Hubinger found a RED-NECKED PHALAROPE at the Chatham Sewage Lagoons, but the bird was not seen the next day. Mark & Joanie also reported 2 GREAT EGRETS from Horseshoe Pond in Shelter Bay on the 6th. Scott Hickman also reported 2 WHIMBREL at the mouth of the AuTrain River on the 21st, 1 WHIMBREL west of the AuTrain mouth on the 24th, and 2 BOREAL CHICKADEES at Stutt's Creek east of Wetmore on the 14th.

Chippewa County
Whitefish Point Bird Observatory began their fall waterbird count on August 15th. Recent highlights include a dark-moprh adult PARASITIC JAEGER on the 25th: 3 WHIMBREL on the 24th; 1 WHIMBREL, and 1 BLACK-BACKED WOODPECKER on the 23rd; 1 SURF SCOTER on the 22nd, this species is uncommon this early in the season; an impressive high count of 100 BAIRD'S SANDPIPERS along with 7 BUFF-BREASTED SANDPIPERS on the 21st; 4 BUFF-BREASTED SANDPIPERS and 1 BLACK TERN on the 20th; 2155 RED-NECKED GREBES on the 19th; 2 SURF SCOTERS and 1 BLACK TERN on the 18th; 2017 RED-NECKED GREBES and 4 BUFF-BREASTED SANDPIPERS on the 17th; an early PARASITIC JAEGER, and 7 BLACK TERNS on the 16th; and a shocking 232 WHITE-WINGED SCOTERS with a single WHIMBREL on the 15th. NORTHERN SAW-WHET OWLS have been banded with 21 caught on the 5th. For more infomation and photos, please visit http://wpbo.org/


All birds marked with an asterisk “*” in the report are review species in the State of Michigan and should be documented with photos or a written description. Please send documentation to Adam Byrne at the Michigan Birds Records Committee at either
11771 Rachel LN, Dewitt, MI, 48820 or by email
at Byrnea”AT”msu.edu
For further information about the Records Committee, please visit:
http://michiganaudubon.org/research/rec ... ittee.html

Participate in the Michigan Bird Seasonal Survey! This provides a valuable forum for the publication of bird observations in Michigan. Forms for the different seasons can be downloaded here:
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