Various, Various - UP bird report from Skye Haas

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Various, Various - UP bird report from Skye Haas

Postby mibirder » Fri Oct 16, 2009 8:39 am

UP Rare Bird Report for October 15, 2009


Greater White-fronted Goose
Harlequin Duck
Hudsonian Godwit
Long-billed Dowitcher
Sabine's Gull
Thayer's Gull
Parasitic Jaeger
Northern Hawk Owl
Boreal Owl
Black-backed Woodpecker
Boreal Chickadee
Carolina Wren
LeConte's Sparrow
Harris's Sparrow

Keweenaw County
Greg Cleary had a CAROLINA WREN on Manitou Island on October 5th. Also on Manitou on the 5th, Joe Youngman had an early NORTHERN SHRIKE. Other Manitou highlights include 2 NORTHERN SAW-WHET OWLS on the 6th, and a waterbird flight that comprised of nearly 4000 birds, including several RED-THROATED LOONS. Zach Gayk had a HARRIS'S SPARROW at Bete Gris on the 9th. Zach also reported a flock of 50+ SNOW GEESE at Bete Gris on September 29th.

Houghton County
Zach Gayk and Scott Hickman had a sandpiper that was a very good candidate for a PECTORALxCURLEW SANDPIPER hybrid on October 5th. Scott also reported 4 SNOW GEESE at the Calumet Sewage Ponds on the 6th.

Baraga County
Joe Youngman photographed an interesting flock of swans at the head of the Keweenaw Bay that included 4 TUNDRA SWANS and 1 TRUMPETER SWAN on October 12th.

Marquette County
A total of 4 BRANT* were observed during a massive goose flight at the Big Bay Lighthouse on September 29th. Other highlights from that count included 1 GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE, 1 SNOW GOOSE, 17 CACKLING GEESE and 3396 CANADA GEESE, along with 19 RED-THROATED LOONS. 3 GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GEESE were observed migrating over the City of Marquette on the 25th. A HARRIS'S SPARROW was along Powder Mill Road in Marquette on the 29th. Vicki Bennon had 3 GRAY JAYS come into her feeders on October 11th. A number of notable gull sightings have occurred in the City of Marquette this week with a total of at least 4 THAYER'S GULLS, 1 THAYER'S/ICELAND GULL, and 1 each of GLAUCOUS and GREAT BLACK-BACKED GULLS from October 13-15. 12 CACKLING GEESE were at the Gwinn Sewage Ponds on the 14th.

Delta County
2 HUDSONIAN GODWITS and 1 LONG-BILLED DOWITCHER were at Indian Pt on October 13th. Also notable was a flyover of 2 "LESSER" SANDHILL CRANES. 552 RUSTY BLACKBIRDS was a good count on the Stonington Peninsula on the 13th. All notable late migrants to the UP, 1 BROAD-WINGED HAWK, 1 EASTERN WOOD-PEWEE, and 1 AMERICAN REDSTART were at Peninsula Point on the 7th, while a ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK was seen on the 1st.

Alger County
Scott Hickman had a CACKLING GOOSE in Munising on October 8th.

Luce County
Jeff McCoy reported 1 SPRUCE GROUSE and 2 BOREAL CHICKADEES on Skyline Road on the 9th.

Chippewa County
Whitefish Point Bird Observatory certainly lived up to it's reputation on October 8th, when 1 SCISSOR-TAILED FLYCATCHER*, 1 RED PHALAROPE*, 1 NORTHERN HAWK-OWL, 2 BOREAL OWLS and 2 SHORT-EARED OWLS were observed! Other highlights from WPBO include 2 BLACK-BACKED WOODPECKERS and a NORTHERN SHRIKE on the 14th; 1 PARASITIC JAEGER on the 13th; 1 LONG-BILLED DOWITCHER on the 12th; 2 SHORT-EARED OWLS on the 11th; 1 SABINE'S GULL and 5000 migrant SCAUP/AYTHYA, along with a BLACK-BACKED WOODPECKER on the 9th; 1 HARLEQUIN DUCK on the 7th; 3 HARLEQUIN DUCKS and a BOREAL OWL was banded on the 4th; 7 TRUMPETER SWANS on the 2nd; 1 unidentified JAEGER SPECIES and a GREAT BLACK-BACKED GULL on September 29th; and an unidentified JAEGER SPECIES along with a BREWER'S BLACKBIRD (a rare bird past August in the UP) on the 27th. There have been frequent sightings of SURF, BLACK & WHITE-WINGED SCOTERS, RED-THROATED LOONS, AMERICAN GOLDEN PLOVERS, RED & WHITE-WINGED CROSSBILLS as well several NORTHERN SAW-WHET OWLS banded. Tom Prestby reported 1 SPRUCE GROUSE and 1 GRAY JAY at Clark Lake in Tahquamnon Falls State Park on the 8th.

Mackinac County
Gerald Vork had 2 LECONTE'S SPARROWS and 2 TUNDRA SWANS at Pt. LaBarbe on October 2nd. Gerald also reported a late RUBY-THROATED HUMMINGBIRD at Brevort Lake on the 11th.

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