Of interest to all !

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Of interest to all !

Postby Russ Emmons » Sun Mar 17, 2013 9:53 pm

'mi ojo es en la cielo' por aves!
Russ Emmons
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Re: Of interest to all !

Postby Danaduck » Tue Apr 30, 2013 8:35 am

Russ, I still have not seen a hummer here in Alpena County yet this year. But I note that the only observed one's on Allen's current map are two counties south of here and they show April 25th and 27th as earliest for this year. I will also give a call to a couple of ladies know that have feeders and see if they have seen any in the last few days.

I think there was a mistake in the article probably made by the reporter because I cannot imagine the professor of ornithology would make it. The article said that the migration was started early by global warming. Anyone that has been to the equator in winter knows the deviation from summer is pretty much zero since it is always 98 degrees and 98 percent humidity. Migration is started by the lengthening day and sunlight stimulating the hypothalumus. The progression of migration is then based on the insects or flowers the birds encounter enroute. I also note that Allen does not offer global warming as a reason. It does appear to me that this year everything is behind about two weeks due to the colder weather.

Again thanks for your support and promotion of true science in birding so that we can protect our little feathered friends. Politically I want to stop every one of these meat grinders they are putting in the path of the birds. The guide wires from cell phone towers are bad enough but stopping under a wind turbine will convince anyone of the damage they do.
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